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He arrived in the middle of the night and said that after talking a bit small for my wife I wanted a shower and went to the bathroom. He and I were in the bedroom. We stripped the blanket so that only the bottom sheet and then robbed us sat on the edge of the bed. I looked at him, admired his athletic physique and muscular, glowing skin. His penis was gently pulsating and pumped up his total of myretrotube nine inches. My wife entered the room fresh from the shower and smelled some perfume. She had a towel around her. Standing before him, butting up to the knees, put the towel on the floor. She stood naked before him, her myretrotube breasts proud and hard, but not halted, its large, dark areolas, her nipples like little berries. He stared in awe at the tits, the top two - sizes had grown since the last time I saw him, and when he saw droplets appeared tips of her nipples milk. his hands to her breasts to keep your finger on whether the palms of theof, left thumb on top of exposed nipples, and tightened. Many good, but a strong jet of water from milk and throw on his chest, shoulders, face and hair in small liquid droplets. I saw the drops, its whiteness emphasized myretrotube in his ebony skin melted and ran to the groin. soon put his arms behind his myretrotube back and pulled her to him, buried his wet face in her breasts. She turned her face to take a nipple in his mouth and sucked a massage while the other breast with one hand. I saw the waste milk before your flight and instead put in my mouth, myretrotube chest and sucked the nipple into the back of his mouth and drank greedily. myretrotube We both cared for a few minutes of eating the milk in our throats and we did this as he pulled his knees to the thighs and knelt on the bed. We stopped sucking, as she pushed him onto the bed and sat astride his magnificent tail, which is now fully erect, rigid, fully vEry thick. She lowered her pussy with it, and the massive Helm began to penetrate. myretrotube I suspected that the aid would be needed, so I took the tube of KY out of bed - his desk and took a good part of the hand. I took his cock with the other and pulled it out of its hole, and then smeared with gel on the glans and body. The rest of the gel that is rubbed on her labia and pussy, then his tail, his goal of re-applied. Indeed, he slipped easily into your vagina ready, but after she was half, she asked to be treated with care. Finally, it was only five months since she had given birth to a child, and his tail was a good three inches longer and twice as thick as mine. are mounted on it with her ​​milk spilled on the chest. From time to time to bend over and rubs myretrotube her tits all in the chest, which was wet and slippery it. I could see that from now all but a few inches of flesh. He drew her to him and rolled so that underneATH. He took command of the operation, her pounding heavily, and as far as I could see he was in everything he did, and she was eligible for the third or fourth time. As he prepared to enter the speed, they began to ask : 'Put on my tits ', retired and moved, which pressed her breasts on his cock and tit- masturbated with her milk - meat until it was lubricated , firing large packet of sperm on the chin myretrotube and neck. I used it vacated hole and stuck his dick - put it in her pussy stretched with no resistance, but I had gone so far that I came up with a few strokes and before he was ready to come. The two were covered in a sorry state of the milk, semen and KY, so after a few minutes he entered the shower, while I took the sheets off the bed and rubbed required to dry under plastic sheeting (if a woman breastfeed and do not want to wear a bra all night in a row ). I have clean sheets on the myretrotube bed and joined them in the bathroom. Meanwhile, he was standing again, but my wife was exhausted and really only suitable for sleeping. So I wiped and went to rest, go downstairs in the nude wearing the clothes. Once in the room just seemed to resolve their tensions - was still fully erect - so I hit him before he left. I gulped, but I was surprised that both produce sperm in a second run. Then he went for a few weeks before his return. ----------------- Before she became pregnant, there were a few men in our relationship, but most of the regular three was a friend I did in the gym. He was a few years older, fit and muscular, and adorned with a huge todger and balls to match. My wife loved it, served him, but not really meant semen in it, came after the pill. Not that it mattered much, because he was crazy about her breasts, I could not get enough of it and have between them hellos idea of ​​heaven n However, when he fell, we thought it best, temporary cessation of their activities, especially given the size of your penis. He turned a few times and enjoyed everything, except for deep penetration - there were a couple of inches myretrotube could - and later, she was too tired to feel like it. For three months after his birth, we have been busy with ourselves and the baby. But once we got to get some sleep overnight, will soon feel a little more myretrotube activity, so I asked to visit for one night. I did not mention the time, but I suspected it would be the condition of her breasts wildly. the day after our first child, went to my wife in the hospital. I was amazed by the state of her breasts. These, of course, are full and soft, but increased during pregnancy and now are really like two big melons media stuck in the chest. They were heavy and very difficult to play - but, unfortunately, very sensitive. The thing to myretrotube remember first, thatgh. Move over, Jordan. At the time he left the tenderness of the hospital had virtually disappeared, and now they were a little softer - but still huge. Very round and firm enough to withstand even without the support, despite its weight. Big nipples and areolas that have both a dark brown instead of the usual pink. She was feeding the baby the milk was ' flow ' very myretrotube beautiful. She soon provides enough to satisfy our son more than I have. Of myretrotube course, not in the first six weeks of screwing wise, they would give me a tit -fuck generously lubricated with her milk. Milk was on my penis and testicles, and keep your breasts together the sides to make sure my penis is stopped. Soon myretrotube my sperm that the addition of moisture between us. Another game was for her to straddle me and pour the hot milk, a liquid bright, opaque, with a slight bluish cast in the chest, stomach and groin. I loved the feeling of good or raysf their milk on my skin. Then rub the MAMS hanging over me, and if I did not come within five minutes (rare ), I finally have straw or blow. I loved the taste of milk, and how the fine strong jet hit the back of my throat when the computer in my mouth. Sometimes I drink a glass of milk and the results. Delicious ! If myretrotube I were feeling extravagant, I would like to see how much milk would spray. I could go to the wall across the room. After three or four weeks there was plenty of milk for my work to spare. The trick is that it increases the amount of milk produced to meet demand, as the child grows, or if the birth is multiple, so I had everything I wanted just for its dry milking once or twice (or more) each day, after she fed the baby. A during this time had to wear a bra with a lot of power absorbent pads, or if we were out of business. I just had to touch her sexymind or to feed the baby, as the time myretrotube approached to begin to mourn for leaks. After his excess weight myretrotube was used when we are on our own, often only a vest T -shirt with no bra or cotton, and she soon two big wet spots on her nipples. She had to change his shirt and washed several times a day. After ten months left to feed the child, despite my best efforts to provide drying. In any case, until then had had enough of wearing a bra wet all the time. So I had to wait until our second and third child was born more than appearances. Unfortunately, we completed our family, so you never have to have fun again. Despite the large oil companies, for infants or cow's milk is not the same. I understand that some prostitutes offer this service, but I've never had the courage - or, to be honest, the real desire - to pursue the matter. I could with my memories.
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